Angular JS

Angular JS

Learning the Angular JS is the best way to land you a good job with a handsome salary in this domain..


Our AngularJS training program is designed to help participants learn the fundamentals of building web applications using the AngularJS framework. Through a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises, and real-world projects, participants will gain the knowledge and skills they need to create dynamic and interactive single-page applications. The program covers topics such as AngularJS concepts, components, directives, and services, and how to use them to build modern web applications. By the end of the program, participants will have the skills and confidence they need to develop and deploy professional-quality AngularJS applications.

Courses Idea

  • Angular training course is curated by 10+ years of experienced industry experts.

  • We will train you to develop efficient Angular applications by mastering the concepts of Angular 12.

  • Students will be able to build dynamic, responsive, and interactive web applications using Angular concepts such as Angular Modules, Components, Databinding, Angular Forms, Angular Directives and Pipes, Services and Dependency Injection (DI), Routing, Communication with backend services over HTTP protocol, Authentication with JWT, and Application Deployment.

  • One-On-One Learning Assistance.

  • Hands-On Project Based Learning.

  • Lifetime Access.

  • Affordable Fees with best learning experience.