Android Development

Android Development

Master Android app development with Kotlin, a modern programming language that enables developers to be more concise and productive. Build professional apps for the world's most popular mobile platform using Android Studio and Kotlin.


Our Android training program is designed to help participants learn the fundamentals of app development for the Android platform. Through a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises, and real-world projects, participants will gain the knowledge and skills they need to create their own Android apps. The program covers topics such as app design, user experience, programming with Java, and publishing on the Google Play Store. By the end of the program, participants will have the skills and confidence they need to start building their own Android apps.

Courses Idea

  • Android training course propels your career as a professional Android app developer.

  • You’ll learn to set up the Android environment and master its architecture, including user interfaces, activities, controls, layouts, services, content providers, and multimedia APIs.

  • You’ll gain practical development experience by building top-trending applications during the Android app development course.

  • 24x7 learner assistance and support.

  • Android developers are in high demand, so get certified today!

  • Flexible Schedule.

  • Job Assistance.

  • Affordable pricing

  • Basics of JAVA
    1. Installing JAVA On Windows And Setting Path

    2. Installing Intelij For JAVA

    3. Hello World In JAVA

    4. Explore Your IDE

    5. What Are Variables In JAVA

    6. Add Two Numbers By Taking Input From Users

    7. Comments And TODOs Are Important

    8. Primitive Data Types In JAVA

    9. Int Float And Double

    10. Booleans And Char

    11. Strings In JAVA

    12. Arithmetic Operations And Pre Postfix In JAVA

    13. Relational Operations In JAVA

    14. Logical Operations In JAVA

    15. Assignment Operations In JAVA

    16. Decision Making With IF And ELSE In JAVA

    17. Switch Case And Break In JAVA

  • Java Intermediate
    1. While Loop In Java

    2. Do While Loop In Java

    3. For Loop In Java

    4. Array - Introduction And Loop Exercise

    5. Access Modifiers In Java

    6. Comparing Two Numbers

    7. Finding odd and even numbers

    8. Methods In Java

    9. OOPS In Java

  • Android Studio Interface
    1. Installing Android Studio

    2. Gradle Build System in android development

    3. Introduction to Manifest File in android app development from scratch

    4. Introduction to Resource in android app development course

    5. R Java File

  • Components of Android
    1. Layouts in android development from scratch

    2. Textviews in for android developer

    3. Buttons in android from scratch

    4. Edittexts in app development

    5. Image View in android course

    6. Checkbox in android app

    7. Radio Buttons in android app development

    8. Toggle buttons for android developer

    9. Spinner in android from scratch

  • User Interaction In Android App Development from Scratch
    1. Toast Messages

    2. Snackbar Messages

    3. Dialog Messages

  • List & Views
    1. Constraint layout

    2. List View

    3. Recycler View

    4. Grid View

    5. Scroll View

    6. Webview

    7. Material UI

  • LifeCycle in Android
    1. Application Lifecycle

    2. Activity & Lifecycle

    3. Fragment & Lifecycle

    4. Services

    5. Receivers

    6. Intents in android app development

  • Shared Preference and Data Saving
    1. Shared Preferences Class

    2. Saving Data Local Memory

    3. Calling Back Data

    4. Content Provider

  • Device Compatibility in Android Development
    1. Multiple Language Support in android development

    2. Supporting Different Pixel Densities

    3. Support Different Screen Size

  • Sample Android App-1
  • Publishing App on your Google Play
    1. APK Release Version

    2. Building APK Files

    3. Signing APK

    4. Google Play Developer Account

    5. Release Your App

  • Introduction to GIT and Creating account in GITHUB
  • Room DataBase
    1. What is the Database?

    2. SQLite Database

    3. Room Database

    4. Architectural Components

    5. Adding New Data to the Database

    6. Deleting Data From Database

    7. Updating the Data in the Database

  • Introduction to Notifications
    1. Local Notification

    2. Repeated Notifications

    3. Notification Procedures

    4. Push Notification

  • Rest API and Reterofit Library
    1. Introduction to Retrofit Library

    2. Retrieving Data from Rest API Using Retrofit Library

    3. Showing Data in Recycler View Pulled from Rest API

  • Add Libraries
    1. Data Binding Library

    2. Picasso Library

    3. Event Bus Library